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DDM's Microsoft Office Tips and Tricks

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Welcome to DDM's Microsoft Office Tips and Tricks!


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This site is dedicated to you, the Microsoft Office for Windows (2003, XP, 2000, or 97) user.

Look inside for hints, tips, and tricks to use with Microsoft Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word, the core programs in the Microsoft Office suite. You'll also find links to resources such as Office-related sites, Office-related communities and free newsletters and tips. And we recommend books you can read.

Whether you use Microsoft Office at work or school, in your home office or just for fun, this site is for you. We're here to help. We want to give you the tools you need to make the most of this powerful applications suite, so you can work efficiently, be more productive, and (dare we say it?) enjoy what you do.

Whatever your level of expertise, you'll find something useful here.

And all for free.

What's New

DDM's Microsoft Office Tips and Tricks always features something new. Go to our What's New page to see what we've added since your last visit. We plan to add material every week, so please check back often.

Thank you for visiting!

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