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Function Key Assignments in Access 97/2000

F1 Display the Office Assistant Display What's This Help   Bring the Database Window to the front  
F2 Rename a selected object (Database Window)/Switch between edit mode and navigation mode (Table Datasheet or Form view)/Display the complete hyperlink address for a selected hyperlink  (Table Datasheet or Form view)/Open Object Browser dialog (Module window) Open the Zoom box/Go to selected procedure (Module window) Invoke a Builder Save As Command (File menu) ALT-SHIFT

Save command (File menu)

F3 Find next (Module window) Find preceding (Module window)      
F4 Open a combo box Find next (Table Datasheet or Form view) Close the active window Quit Microsoft Access, close a dialog box, or close a property sheet   
F5 Move to the record or page number box/Switch to Form view from Form design or a Form module/Continue executing code after break (Module window) Reset VBA interpreter, utilizing all variables (Module window)      
F6 Switch between the upper and lower portions of a window (Table, Macro design)/Cycle forward through sections of a Form (Form design) Cycle backward through sections of a Form (Form design) Cycle between open windows    
F7 Check spelling        
F8 Turn on Extend mode/Trace code execution one step at a time (Module window, single step or Step Into mode) Undo the previous extension/Trace code execution by procedure (Module window, procedure step or Step Over mode)  Turn on Move mode    
F9 Recalculate the fields in the window/Refresh the contents of a Lookup field list box or combo box/Toggle a breakpoint (Module window) Requery the underlying tables/Create Instant Watch for selected variable or expression (Module window)     CTRL-SHIFT

Clear all breakpoints (Module window)

F11 Bring the Database Window to the front   Toggle between a custom menu bar and a built-in menu bar     
F12 Save As Command (File menu) Save Command (File menu)      

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