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Tips posted before 07/01/2001 have been moved to other pages.

Working with Tables

Saving Changes to Data (Posted 07/29/2001)

Using Paste Append (Posted 07/29/2001)

What That Little Pencil in the Record Selector Means (Posted 07/29/2001)

What's the Difference between a Text and a Memo Field? (Posted 09/10/2001)

What's the Difference between Data Types, and What Are They Used For? (Posted 04/01/2004)

Working with Forms

Creating a “Quickie” Form (Posted 08/11/2001)

Editing the Data in a Field (Posted 08/11/2001)

How to Make a Form Look Like a Dialog Box (Posted 09/15/2001)

Keystrokes for Entering and Editing Data in a Form Field (Posted 08/11/2001)

Navigating a Form (Posted 08/11/2001)

What a Data-Entry Form is For (Posted 08/11/2001)

Working with Reports

Previewing a Report (Posted 08/19/2001)

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