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Shortcuts for Entering and Editing Data

Clearing Cells (Posted 09/23/2000)

Copying an Entry Down a Column

Copying a Single Entry to a Range

Copying from the Cell Above

Dragging and Dropping between Worksheets

Entering Data by Row

Filling Cells (Posted 12/23/2000)

Transposing a Range

Undoing Multiple Actions (Posted 11/26/2000)

Using AutoFill to Fill Cells Above or to the Left (Posted 11/26/2000)

Using a Keystroke to Delete Cells

Using the Insert Cut Cells Command (Posted 01/01/2001)

Entering and Editing Dates, Times, Numbers, Text, and Special Characters

Entering the Current Date and Time

Entering Fractions

Entering Fractions and Mixed Numbers

Filling a Range with Dates

Inserting Copyright and Trademark Symbols

Number Format Shortcuts

Entering and Editing Formulas

Evaluating a Formula

Pointing and Clicking to Create a Formula

Quickly Summing Columns and Rows

Using the Formula Palette (Posted 10/06/2000)

What the #NAME? Error Value Means (Posted 09/23/2000)

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