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Formatting in General

Applying Conditional Formatting

Applying a Worksheet Background

Applying Quick Formatting with the Ctrl Key (Posted 12/23/2000)

Clearing Formatting

Clearing Formatting from a Cell I: Using the Clear Command

Clearing Formatting from a Cell II: Using the Format Painter

Dragging and Dropping to Copy Formatting

Drawing Borders (a Shortcut)

Keeping Track of the Size of a Selection

Using Styles

Adding a Styles Combo Box to a Toolbar (Posted 10/06/2000)

Using Styles (Posted 10/06/2000)

Using the Styles Combo Box to Create a Style (Posted 10/06/2000)

Formatting Columns and Rows

A Keystroke for Hiding Columns and Rows (Posted 12/23/2000)

Changing Column Width

Changing Row Height

Dragging to Hide Columns and Rows

How to Resize All the Columns or Rows in a Worksheet (Posted 11/26/2000)

Specifying a Value for Column Width (Posted 11/26/2000)

Specifying a Value for Row Height (Posted 11/26/2000)

Formatting Text

Applying Double Underline (Posted 09/23/2000)

Breaking a Long Text Label into Short Ones I: Stacking Labels in One Column (Posted 11/26/2000)

Breaking a Long Text Label into Short Ones II: Spanning Several Columns (Posted 11/26/2000)

Centering a Title Across Columns I: Using Merge and Center

Centering a Title Across Columns II: Using a Text Box

Centering Text across Rows (Posted 09/23/2000)

Fitting Vertically Centered Text (Posted 09/23/2000)

Indenting Cell Values

Rotating Column Labels I: Using the Format Cells Command

Rotating Column Labels II: Using the Chart Toolbar

Using Underlining Options

Wrapping Text I: Formatting a Cell to Wrap Text

Wrapping Text II: Setting Text Wrapping as you Type

Formatting Numbers

Creating a Custom Format: A Temperature Format

Using an Apostrophe to Keep Leading Zeros

Using a Custom Format to Keep Leading Zeros

What to Do When All You Get is Pound Signs (##########)

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