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Browse this page for tips that you can use with any application in the Microsoft Office suite.

Changing Your Office Assistant (Posted 12/02/2000)

Entering Your User Information (Posted 07/14/2001)

Office Integration

Working with Windows and Dialog Boxes

Managing the Application Window

Navigating Tabbed Dialog Boxes

Working with Menus and Toolbars

Accessing Microsoft System Information (Posted 01/01/2001)

Accessing Toolbar Buttons with the Keyboard

Displaying Full Menus (Posted March 30, 2001)

Finding Files from the Open Dialog Box (Posted 01/01/2001)

How to Turn a Menu into a Floating Toolbar (Posted 01/01/2001)

Sorting Files in the Open Dialog Box (Posted 01/01/2001)

"Standard and Formatting Toolbars Share One Row" (Posted March 30, 2001)

Using the Clipboard Toolbar

Using the Document History List (Posted 12/02/2000)

Using the Favorites Menu (Excel, PowerPoint, Word) (Posted 12/02/2000)

Working with ClipArt

Accessing Clip Art Properties

Using Clip Gallery Live

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