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Working with Mail Folders

Moving In and Out of the Preview Pane

Showing the Preview Pane

Switching to Your Inbox

Working with Folder Views

Deleting Related Messages

Displaying Unread Messages Only

Navigating Unread Messages

Sorting Items in a Table View

Using the Message Timeline View

Sending and Receiving Mail

Adding Someone Who Sent You a Message to Your Personal Address Book

Checking the Recipient's Name in a Mail Message

Marking a Message as Read

New Mail Notification

Recalling or Replacing a Message

Sending a Hyperlink

Sending Mail to a Group of Contacts

Sending Web Pages by Email

Other Features

Asking Others to Vote in an Email Message

Creating Custom Voting Buttons

Creating Out of Office Rules

Delaying Delivery of a Message

Setting Sensitivity Levels for Messages

Sharing Rules

Using Follow Up Flags

Viewing Vote Responses

Dragging and Dropping

Outlook's drag and drop feature lets you create mail messages from entries in your Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, or Notes folders. Or you can drag your mail messages to other folders to make appointments, tasks, or notes out of them. Browse the tips below to find out how.

Creating a Message from a Note

Creating a Pre-Addressed Message to a Contact

Dragging to Create a Task

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