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Microsoft PowerPoint is the presentation graphics component of the Office suite. Some day you may be asked to give a presentation outlining a business plan, recommending a strategy, or even (Heaven forbid!) communicating bad news. Use PowerPoint to create an effective, attractive slide presentation you can project on screen or through the PC, as well as handouts for your audience and notes for yourself.

PowerPoint makes getting started easy. It has Wizards that guide you through the process of creating common presentations, presentation templates that provide ready-made models to get you started, and design templates to give your presentations a polished, professional look.

PowerPoint has many features to help you to convey your message effectively:

  • Emphasize key points with bullet lists.

  • Draw shapes, text boxes, or WordArt on your slides.

  • Place clip art, other graphics, or photographs on your slides.

  • Create organization charts.

  • Create tables.

Use PowerPoint alone, or tap into the real power of Microsoft Office by using it with the other applications in the suite. Here are some examples:

  • Outline your ideas in Word, then open your Word document in PowerPoint. Watch PowerPoint create a slide for each heading in the outline.

  • Create graphs in Excel, then paste them into PowerPoint.

  • Create tables in Word, then paste them into PowerPoint.

You can save your presentations as self-running shows, or Web pages.

Box shots reprinted with permission from Microsoft Corporation.

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