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Changing the Default Unit of Measurement

Displaying Margins

Displaying the Page Setup Dialog Box

Embedding Files in Word Documents

Finding a File (Word 97)

Precise Measurements with the Ruler

Specifying Units of Measurement

Updating Document Links (Posted 11/26/2000)

Using the Ruler to Access Dialog Boxes

What You Can and Canít Undo

Opening, Closing, Saving Documents

Closing a Document

Opening a Document from the Start Menu

Picking a Template for a New Document

Recovering Text

Saving to Another Format

Saving Fonts with a Document (Word 97)

Starting Over


Quick Browsing

Repeating a Find Operation I: Using Keystrokes

Repeating a Find Operation II: Using the Scrollbar Buttons

Returning the Cursor to its Last Saved Position

Document Views

Changing the Default Page View (Word 97)

Switching Views

Using Full Screen View

Using the Menu Bar in Full Screen View

Using the Online Layout View

Using the Document Map

Using Toolbars in Full Screen View

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