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Look here for tips on formatting characters, paragraphs, and documents.

Formatting in General

Accessing the Full List of Styles

A Shortcut for Formatting Text

Hiding Text

Removing Text and Paragraph Formatting

Showing Formatting

Using the Style Gallery (Word 97)

The Format Painter

A Format Painter Shortcut

Copying Formatting between Documents

“Repainting” Formatting

Using the Format Painter

Formatting Characters

Adjusting Character Spacing

Changing Text Attributes

Formatting Fractions

Justifying a Word

Specifying Font Sizes

Formatting Paragraphs

Adding Space between Paragraphs

Applying the Normal Style

Justifying a Line

Preserving Paragraph Formatting

Using the Built-In Heading Styles


Applying a Hanging Indent

Applying a Paragraph Indent

Creating Custom Paragraph Indents

Hanging Indents (Posted 11/26/2000)

“Outdenting” Section Headings


Moving and Deleting Tabs

On Working with Tabs

Setting a Tab Leader

Using Decimal Tabs

Using the Ruler to Set Tabs

Bullets and Numbering

Disabling Automatic Numbering

Inserting Picture Bullets

Making the Numbers in a List Bold

Making the Numbers in a List Bold (Continued)

More Stopping and Starting a Numbered List

Right-Aligning Numbers in a List

Stopping and Starting a Numbered List

Typing Multi-Level Bulleted Lists

Typing Numbered Lists Automatically

Line Numbering

Numbering Lines

Suppressing Line Numbers

Paragraph Borders

Applying a Paragraph Border

Dragging Paragraph Borders

Using Paragraph Borders and Shading (Posted 01/01/2001)

Formatting Documents

Creating a Text Watermark

Creating a Graphic Watermark

Editing Headers and Footers

Justifying a Page

Starting New Chapters on New Pages

Working with Headers and Footers

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