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Turning Preview Off

Working with Drawing Objects

Adding Shadows to Graphic Objects

Adjusting the Drawing Grid

Applying 3-D Effects

Changing the Colors of a 3-D AutoShape

Changing the Size of a Group

Clicking to Create Drawing Objects

Creating a Page Border

Displaying the Drawing Grid

Drawing Arrows

Drawing Horizontal Lines

Drawing Lots of AutoShapes

Drawing Lots of Shapes

Grouping Drawing Objects

Nudging a Drawing Object

Saving Drawings as GIF Graphics (Word 97)

Using the Arrow Keys to Move Drawing Objects


Applying a Gradient Fill in WordArt

Converting Regular Text to WordArt

Inserting WordArt

Text Boxes

Deleting a Text Box

Linking Text Boxes

Placing Text in a Text Box

Putting a Text Box around Existing Text

Rotating Text in a Text Box


Automatic Captions

Converting a Picture to Grayscale

Keeping a Picture and Caption Together

Linking to a Picture File

Picture Placeholders for Web Pages (Word 2000)

Placing Picture Captions (Word 2000)

Resetting a Picture

Resizing a Picture while Keeping its Proportions

Using Picture Placeholders

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