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Inserting Graphics as AutoText

Storing Formatting with an AutoText Entry

Using AutoText


Inserting Bookmarks

Jumping to Bookmarks

Using Bookmarks (Posted 12/10/2000)


Deleting Comments

Inserting Recorded Comments (Posted 11/26/2000)


Finding Hyperlinks

Drag and Drop Hyperlinks

Unlinking a Hyperlink

Spelling and Grammar

Finding All Word Forms

Finding Antonyms

Spell Check: Turning the Wavy Red Lines Off

Using the Spelling and Grammar Checking Status Icon

Using the Thesaurus

Web Pages

Adding Background Sounds to a Web Page

Changing Web Themes (Word 2000)

Giving a Web Page a Title (Word 2000)

Using the Web Page Wizard (Word 2000)

Other Special Features

Assigning Shortcuts to Symbols

Browsing by the Picture

Creating a Drop Cap

Document Statistics

Expanding and Collapsing Outlines

Highlighting Text

Printing a Barcode

Typing Mailing Labels

Using AutoSummarize (Posted 11/26/2000)

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