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Changing Case

Changing Case II: Using a Function Key

Changing Font Size

Entering Small Caps

Entering Uppercase Text

Using the Font Color Palette

Copying and Moving Text

Cutting and Pasting with the Keyboard

Inserting the Contents of the Clipboard

Moving and Replacing Text

Pasting from the Clipboard

Rearranging Paragraphs

Using the Spike

Special Characters

Assigning Shortcuts to Special Characters

Drawing Borders Automatically

Entering Diacriticals

Entering "Smart Quotes" from the Keyboard 

Inserting Copyright and Trademark Symbols

Nonbreaking Hyphens

Nonbreaking Spaces

Typing Dashes

Other Tips and Tricks

Entering a Page Number

Generating Filler Text

Repeating What You Typed

Using AutoComplete to Enter Text

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