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About DDM

DDM is a computer consultant living in Washington, DC. He has nearly twenty years of teaching experience and has been working in the computer field since 1994. He is a Microsoft Office power user (just ask him).

On March 3, 2004, DDM became a certified Microsoft Office Specialist Master.

Probably not DDM


About This Web Site

Over the years, DDM has taught hundreds of people how to use computer software programs. It has been a labor of love. Some time ago, DDM decided that he wanted to become a webmaster, just to see what it would be like. So he created DDM's Microsoft Office Tips and Tricks.

Through this site, DDM will leverage the power of the World Wide Web to reach the widest possible audience, to share what he knows, and generally to keep himself busy (if not out of trouble).

DDM created this site with Microsoft FrontPage.

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