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Working with Files

AutoSaving Your Workbook

Closing All Open Files

Closing a Workbook Window

Closing Multiple Workbook Files (Posted 09/23/2000)

Copying a Worksheet

Cycling through Open Workbook Files

Finding External Links

Opening Files and Workspaces at Start

Opening a File at Startup

Performing File Maintenance from the Open Dialog Box (Posted 12/23/2000)

Protecting a Workbook from Accidental Changes

Protecting a Worksheet

Protecting Charts and Drawing Objects

Refreshing a Workbook

Saving a Workspace

Setting a Read-Only Recommendation

Setting a Password to Open a Workbook (Excel 2000)

Using the Keyboard to Manage Your Workbook Window


Finding the Last Entry in a Column or Row

Jumping to an Empty Cell

Jumping to the Last Used Column (Posted 09/23/2000)

Navigating a Worksheet: Using Tab and Enter

Navigating Unconnected Cells and Ranges

Using the Name Box to Jump to a Cell

Using the Scroll Bars

Using Scroll Lock

Using the TAB Key to Navigate a Protected Worksheet (Posted 11/26/2000)

Using the Tab Scroll Buttons I: Scrolling Worksheet Tabs (Posted 09/23/2000)

Using the Tab Scroll Buttons II: Activating a Worksheet (Posted 09/23/2000)

Zooming to Fit a Selection

Moving between Worksheet Panes, Worksheets, and Workbooks

Displaying Different Worksheets Side by Side (Posted 09/23/2000)

Switching between Worksheets and Workbooks


Changing the Standard Color Palette

Displaying Formulas

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