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Access 97/2000 Shortcut Keys

[Keys for general Use] [Keys for Use in the Database Window] [Keys for Selecting Text or Data] [Keys for Editing Text or Data] [Keys for Working in Datasheet View] [Keys for Moving Around in Form View] [Keys for Working in Print Preview and Layout Preview]

Keys for Working in Print Preview and Layout Preview

Dialog box and window operations  

To Press
Open the Print dialog box   P or CTRL-P
Open the Page Setup dialog box   S
Zoom in or out on a part of the page   Z
Cancel Print Preview or Layout Preview   C or ESC

View different pages

To Press
Move to the page number box    F5, then type the page number and press ENTER
View the next page (when Fit To Window is selected)   PAGE DOWN or DOWN ARROW
View the previous page (when Fit To Window is selected)   PAGE UP or UP ARROW

Navigate in Print and Layout Preview  

To Press
Scroll down in small increments   DOWN ARROW
Scroll down one full screen   PAGE DOWN
Move to the bottom of the page   CTRL-DOWN ARROW
Scroll up in small increments   UP ARROW
Scroll up one full screen   PAGE UP
Move to the top of the page   CTRL-UP ARROW
Scroll to the right in small increments   RIGHT ARROW
Move to the right edge of the page   END or CTRL-RIGHT ARROW
Move to the lower-right corner of the page   CTRL-END
Scroll to the left in small increments   LEFT ARROW
Move to the left edge of the page   HOME or CTRL-LEFT ARROW
Move to the upper-left corner of the page   CTRL-HOME

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